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Recreational Activites On The Water In Hunstanton

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 Watersports in Norfolk and UK 

Total Fun for All of the Family!

The beaches of Hunstanton in Norfolk are an ideal place for families to explore the local rock pools, interact with the various creatures swimming under the sea and learn to windsurf. At Adventure Watersports Norfolk we offer a number of interesting activities that children and adults will both really enjoy.

If you want to try your hand at fishing or watch some seals in the wild, our friendly team of experts are here to make your family day out, one to remember!

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A Range of Recreational Activities the Whole Family Will Enjoy!

Perfect for children on holiday, with plenty of amazing sights and experiences that adults will enjoy too.


Sand Bank Safaris

The sand bank safaris we run operate in shallow or deep water and are ideal for families and small children. The length of each safari depends on where we go on kayak or paddle board, but generally lasts for a few hours.

As experienced operators we know all the best spots and some of the friendly creatures we see can include: seals, starfish, crabs, sandworms, shrimps and a whole host of different fishes. Safaris are run on a kayak or paddle board and this is the best way for people to get up close and personal to these amazing animals. 

If you would like more details about adventure watersports in Norfolk, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!



Watersports in Norfolk and UK



Seal Trips

If you would like to see the seals even closer then we operate some fascinating trips to seal island here at Adventure Watersports Norfolk. These trips last for half a day or a full day and the journey to get there can be on kayak, paddle board, jet ski or trimaran. Seal trips are a great way to get more experience of your preferred sailing vessel and will allow you to see the seals in their natural surroundings as they interact with other seals, rest and look for food. Seals are really playful and they are a great spectacle that, children especially, will love.


 Best Time Of The Year To See The Seals


November - end of Jan/beginning of Feb

This is the best time to watch the Grey seals and their pups.  The larger Grey seals come in huge numbers to give birth at both Blakeney Point  and Horsey Gap.


June - August

This is the best time to see the Common (slightly smaller) seals and their pups at Blakeney Point and on the sandbanks off Hunstanton.  



Beginner Windsurfing, Kayaking And Paddle Boarding Courses  

If you would like to learn windsurfing, kayaking or paddle boarding,  or you need a refresher course, our friendly team are here to give you all the training you need.

Classes can be taught individually or up to 4 people –  Initial classes are taught in the classroom for a short period. Then we’ll teach you how to manage a sail, steer and step around a sail on dry land. Then, once you’re confident, we’ll take you out to sea.

No matter your ability, our instructors are patient and always will prioritise yours and your families safety when on the water.

Broadly speaking it takes around 2 days for beginners to become confident on the sea. If you have a bit of experience then 1 day can be enough.

You can see our full range of Adventure Watersports here



Fishing Expeditions

If you are a keen fisherman, or just want to try, then the Norfolk coast is an excellent place to try your hand at catching some mackerel. There is an abundance of fish in the seas and we have all the equipment you need including: cool box, rod holders, electronic fish finders, GPS, chart plotters and transducers with depth and sea bed graphics. Expeditions are made on jets skis and can handle a maximum of 2 people (plus driver). The jet skis have extended rear platforms with anchor and trawling that are ideal for fishing.




Brancaster Marina Expeditions

Brancaster Marina is a wonderful little harbour and offers some great views of the sea. There are some wonderful shops, pubs and cafes and if you would like to go on an expedition there by sea, we can arrange that for you. You can return by bus or we can make arrangements to return you ourselves.

If you are an avid bird watcher, you’ll be able to spot a wide variety of our feathered friends flying above us on our way to the Marina. If you’re really lucky you might even see a dolphin or two. The excursions really are a great way to see some of the aquatic life that Norfolk has in the seas.

Brancaster Staithe Harbour was once a busy port, but trade declined in the 1800s. But a thriving fishing industry survives, and today the harbour bustles with pleasure craft.




For more information about adventure watersports in Norfolk, please get in touch to find out more.