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Adventure Watersports For Beginners To Intermediate Level

We Also Offer Expeditions Around The Norfolk Coastline On A Kayak Or Stand Up Paddle Board  Find Out More


Experience the Thrill of the Seas at Adventure Watersports Norfolk!

If you would like to go on a leisurely excursion around beautiful Norfolk and explore the red and white cliffs of Hunstanton we can be your guides. Or if you want to race your kayak against your friends on a mad dash around the shore, we’ll organise it for you.

We have a number of vehicles that are ideal for beginners and intermediates including kayaks, paddle boards, jet skis and trimarans and we’re here to make your day a thrilling one!

The sea is a perfect place for bonding and we have some great days for corporate team building and stag and hen parties. Our lead instructor will also travel anywhere in the UK for private lessons and to oversee private events, just get in touch.

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Hire A Private Instructor!

Our lead instructor is available for hire and willing to travel anywhere for private lessons or to oversee your private event, such a party or a team building day. 
Private lessons start at just £15 per hour!

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Kayaking is a great way to experience the thrills of the sea and is a great group or family activity. We have a wide range of stable, open top kayaks which are suitable for the local waters. Our capable staff will spend time instructing you on how to properly operate the kayak as a team and instill in you the confidence to take on the sea!

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Paddle Boarding

Our professional instructors offer paddle boarding lessons for beginners and even the chance to take expedition trips and group races. We have a variety of Stand Up Paddle Boards (SuP) and Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards (iSuP) that are perfect to learn on and gain the skill and confidence you will need to tackle to the Norfolk coastline. 

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Book Your Day On The Water

Ready to have an action packed day at sea? Get in touch with Adventure Watersports Norfolk today to book you day paddle boarding, riding jet skis and exploring the amazing Norfolk coast line. Our expert instructors will be with you every step of the way, from teaching you the basics to guiding you to the best spots to see some of the incredible wildlife that inhabit the waters around Hunstanton.

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1-To-1 Sailing

We can provide 1-to-1 training and sailing on our Hobie Tandem Island Trimaran. This is a 3 hulled vessel with an 8.4 m² sail that is easy to use but also total fun. It is the perfect transport for day trips and expeditions to Brancaster, and we can give you all the training and help to make you an expert sailor! It won’t take you very long at all for you to be flying through the water with the cool wind hitting your face.

So, get in touch to hear more about the sailing and adventure sports we offer in Norfolk.

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Wind surfing is a great way to travel the waves! We provide beginners to intermediate windsurfing lessons for groups, families and solo aspiring windsurfing pros. Our lessons take place in shallow waters, where you will be taught the basics in a safe environment with our expert instructors.

Hunstanton, Norfolk which is one of the best locations to learn how to windsurf.  You can feel confident that all our lessons take place in safe, shallow waters where individuals are taught in small groups, allowing for a more personal experience tailored to your individual progress.

We have one day courses and two-day courses so you will be windsurfing like a pro in no time!

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Action photography is a must for all of the watersports and you’ll be sure to get some great shots whether you’re kayaking to seal island or sailing to Brancaster Marina.
For further details about all of the adventure watersports we have here in Norfolk, get in touch for a friendly chat.